How Radon Companies Benefit You

Radon gas is a very dangerous substance, which can build up in your home and cause you a lot of health problems. Radon gas is invisible, odorless and colorless so it cannot be seen or smelled. It enters the home through the cracks and crevices of the house and travels through the HVAC system and the air. If you have radon in your home, you need to find radon companies immediately before the problem gets out of control and you get seriously ill.

The radon company will do an evaluation of the building and if there is a radon mitigation solution needed, they will come to your house with an evaluation and price quote. In most cases, the radon companies offer a full warranty on their work. They will make sure the job is done properly and that you are not stuck replacing windows or other parts of the house again because of a mistake. In some cases, a radon mitigation will even replace the existing windows or it can even retrofit new windows to match the rest of the house.

The radon mitigation companies will also give you a written estimate detailing the estimate and the price for the radon mitigation solution as well as a list of all the services they will provide to you. They will often times give you a price quote without having to do an inspection of the house or without ever testing the air inside of your home. This is wrong and a mistake because often times, a radon company will not do a complete inspection of a house or it might overlook some parts. When they do a complete inspection, they will know exactly where the radon is at and what level it is at. This will save you thousands of dollars and ensure that your family is breathing radon air in their home.

Be sure to ask radon companies for a copy of their written guarantee before they provide you with any service. A warranty is important because it protects the company from damages in case something is not correct with their service. A written guarantee will help protect you from being ripped off by a scam company that has nothing but empty promises to show for all of their work. It is important to find a guarantee from a radon mitigation system installation company because it also protects you from not finding radon after the job is completed and you are still paying for the non-existent service. Some companies will offer you a month’s worth of free service in which case you only have to pay for the service the first month and then you are covered all the way through.

The warranty should also include things like a money back guarantee for 60 days. This lets you take a look first to see if there are any problems cropping up with their service. You should never settle for the first radon mitigation company you see because it could be that they have done a shoddy job. If you find this to be the case, then you can look for another company to work with.

A radon test is important because it allows radon mitigation companies to know how well the real estate transactions are working. These tests are done on a monthly basis and can be done outside of the office of the radon company or inside of it. This allows for more accurate results with less hassle.

Many people do not realize that radon mitigation systems come with a warranty as long as the system is being used. This is so you will not have to pay additional money for a new system if something goes wrong within the first year of use. Some systems are even sold with one year warranties and they are great for when your children or your pets may spend time in the home.

It should also be noted that these systems come in different sizes. Smaller radon gas concentrations can be handled by a simple venting system that is placed about 3 feet away from the home. This venting method is the least expensive one to use and does not compromise the safety of the home. If a larger sized system is necessary then it is strongly recommended that it be installed by a professional radon mitigation specialist. There are many benefits to using a mitigation system and one of them is the reduction in the amount of money that would be spent on home maintenance. Another benefit would be the reduction of the amount of times that you would have to replace windows in your home because of cracks caused by radon gas.