5 Drain Cleaning Issues To Look Out For In Your Floor Drain Pipes

Do you think that your house is prone to the problem of unhygienic floor cleaning? It has long been a well-known fact that the accumulation of dust, dirt, molds, bacteria and allergens in your house is the main culprit of the unhygienic condition. Floor drains therefore have an important role to divert away all the water from the floor to prevent this accumulation of dirt and dust. The drain holes in the floor to provide the necessary escape path of the dirty water. However, it is a huge headache to maintain these drains properly.

Majority of the people consider the presence of drain holes as a serious drain blockage. However, if you are able to identify the exact reason for the blockage, you will be able to find the perfect drain repair solution. A majority of the people blame the floor drain on the accumulation of dirt and molds but in reality, these issues are more complex than this. In order to maintain the drains effectively, clogging becomes the most common problem. As mentioned earlier, the main root cause of the clogging is the presence of stagnant sewer pipes beneath the floor drain.

When the plumbing pipes develop a large accumulation of debris, including food pieces, hair, dry leaves, etc. they can be very harmful for the drainage system. Once the plumbing pipes are clogged, they will not be able to drain out the waste water properly. They can even cause blockage in the long run. Hence, in order to prevent the occurrence of such blockages in the future, it is very essential to find out the root cause of the issue and fix them properly.

There are different types of floor drains available in the market. You can select one among them based on the drainage pattern of your house. For example, you can install a surface-level drainage system if your garage is having a small dirt surface. Also, you can install subfloor drainage if your floor drain system is located inside the garage.

If the plumbing system is over-saturated with water, then clogging might occur. Therefore, in order to ensure that your garage floor drain is kept free from any sort of trouble and complications, you need to call a professional drain cleaning service. It is always advisable to let someone who is qualified to work on the plumbing system to repair or clean the drains because you can never make a wrong decision when it comes to the plumbing system. Moreover, your safety and security can also be assured once you call a professional drain cleaning service. Some of the clog-prone areas in the house include:

Sewer – If your sewer is clogged, it can cause several serious problems including asthma attacks, coughing and wheezing among others. Clogging in the sewer lines is due to accumulation of unprocessed human waste material, oils and other solid wastes which cannot be removed from the sewer system. Clogging in these plumbing pipes occurs as a result of accumulation of fats, greasy substances, and various organic fertilizers, chemicals, and metals which cannot be properly removed from the sewage system. This is the reason why it is always recommended to call a professional plumber to remove any kind of clog in the plumbing pipes.

Toilet – In certain cases, clog in the toilet can lead to serious floor drain issues. Clogging in the toilet is caused by the presence of fats, oils and other solid wastes which cannot be removed from the toilet bowl via normal bathroom usage. To remove these waste products, it is important to hire a professional drain cleaning service. These services ensure that the drainage passages are cleaned properly.

Video Inspection – Another major problem related to the floor drain systems is clogging due to tree roots. Tree roots may be detected when using video inspection. It is very important to hire a drain cleaning service to carry out a video inspection of the sewer pipes to eliminate the root problems. A qualified plumber will also conduct the video inspection and fix the root causes of these issues.