The Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Basement

Waterproofing your home is not something you just do once and forget about. It is wasted space if your basement just turns into a dark, wet storage space for junk, old furniture and unused cabinets. It also invites mildew and will only lead to a weak foundation for your home. But waterproofing can make it much better for your home.

There are many benefits to basement waterproofing. The benefits listed below all have something to do with increased livability, energy efficiency, and safety. There are also added benefits when it comes to the foundation itself. When you stop water from getting into your home, you will be increasing the value of your home as well as the resale value. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of having your basement waterproofed.

Basement Waterproofing – One of the first things to consider is that basement waterproofing is vital because it stops water getting into your home in the first place. If the ground is wet, it expands, and it can leak into your home through porous areas, such as cracks in the foundation or a leaky roof. That means that water can get into your home when you least expect it. Basement waterproofing can also prevent mold from growing in your home. Mold is not good for you or your family, so consider waterproofing your home now.

Basement Waterproofing – Along with stopping water from getting into your home, waterproofing also stops moisture from damaging your foundation. During humid summers, seepage from the ground can get into your home’s cavities and cause problems. Seepage can also cause problems for your plumbing and cause damage to the foundation. Basement waterproofing prevents that from happening. Also, waterproofing helps to prevent mold from growing on wood framing walls and basement floors.

Home Improvement – Another benefit of waterproofing is that it can save you money on home improvement projects. For example, if you are thinking about removing your concrete floor or putting up a new concrete floor, waterproofing your home will help you stay within the allowed space, and it will cut down on the cost of your home improvement project. There is another advantage to waterproofing your home, however. If you have a basement, you can use it for storage and put your tools and equipment in there, instead of storing them outside.

Foundation crack problems – Another problem basement flooding can cause is foundation crack problems. Waterproofing your home’s foundation can stop that from happening, and cracks in the foundation can cause your walls to cave in, and water can get inside the basement. Basement waterproofing stops this from happening, by either filling the cracks or putting a sump pump in your basement to get rid of excess water.

Basement Mold – Waterproofing your basement also keeps mold from growing on it. When basements are not waterproofed, mold grows in them all the time. In fact, mold grows best when basements are damp, because when the basement is dry, mold needs a lot of moisture to survive. Waterproofing prevents mold from growing. In addition, waterproofing prevents basement mold from coming back after you remodel your home, as mold only comes back after a long time. Also, by stopping basement mold from growing, waterproofing also helps to prevent structural foundation damage to your home.

All these benefits of waterproofing make it worth it for any homeowner to have their home waterproofed. Dry air and water don’t make for a healthy home. They are bad for people’s lungs, and the damage they cause to structures, and even cause inorganic compounds to bond with the cement in our basements makes them very dangerous to breathe. Waterproofing your home and saving yourself money on heating and air conditioning costs are two benefits of waterproofing that aren’t often thought about but can make a huge difference in your home’s value.