Irish Tap Dance – Three Styles of Clogging

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There are three styles of Irish dancing and they all require a lot of equipment: clogs, shoes, and irises. In the case of flat-footed clogging it’s important to note that irises are not actually required by the Irish culture. I say “cultural” because it is what the Irish call their style, and their dances are based around this very movement. However, these shoes can make the flat-footed dancing experience much more comfortable.

The next benefit to these devices is the ease in which they work. They require no plumbing or electricity and can be installed simply by screwing them into the floor. The flat-footed Irish dance steps involve a series of upbeats downbeat which, when done properly, produces a sound like metal hitting metal. For that reason the clogging and the accompanying music are integral to the performance. A good Irish dance school will have several classes for beginners with an emphasis on clogging because they are very easy to learn.

In summary, clogging works in the same way as traditional folk dancing when performed with a gait that includes shifting weight from heel to toe and stepping up or down on the ball of the foot. This type of gait makes it easy for the dancer to change direction with the motion of the foot without changing footwear. Additionally, they do not require the complicated set up required by some other dance styles.

These three styles of Irish dance, have helped to make the clogging art form more accessible to people from all walks of life. This is a unique fusion of dance and music that can fit into any lifestyle. For instance, I am an outdoor type of person so I really do not see the need for a lesson. On the other hand, my partner and I do not really do much walking around either so we do not need lessons either. We just get out there on our feet and let ourselves be moved by the music.