Causes Of Foundation Problems

Concrete slab and bridge and curb foundation repairs can develop serious problems over time that require home foundation repair. Drains can become severely compromised, as can soil. Because many factors can cause soil to deteriorate, such as climate, soil pressure, poor soil quality and plumbing leaks, it is advisable to be on the look out for signs of soil damage… especially in the basement. Basement waterproofing alone usually does not prevent soil erosion, but waterproofing and soil stabilization combined with effective drainage strategies can significantly reduce the impact. Foundation creep can also occur without any visible signs of damage.

Foundation creep is a gradual problem that can begin in only a few areas or can develop in all parts of a house. The cause of foundation creep is not always obvious, but it usually has something to do with the way watertight concrete construction is installed. When a house foundation repair is needed, the professional will often first inspect the foundation footer drains and basement sump pump stations. Other possible sources of foundation instability include piers, pipes and pier foundation systems. Often, foundation cracks will not appear until basement masonry work needs to be replaced and waterproofing must be added.

There are several common signs that call for foundation repair or replacement. One sign of an imminent collapse is when the slope of a land surface is changing abruptly from horizontal to vertical movement. The land surface will first appear flat, then as it moves downhill, the surface becomes increasingly difficult to control. Foundation movement can also cause movement on an interior foundation wall. For example, when soil pressure is too great, interior wall settling can actually move the interior of the wall up or down by as much as 50mm!

Another sign of foundation trouble is when a wall sump pump has failed to discharge water from the basement sump basin. The failure of a basement sump pump is often the result of insufficient pressure in the system. In this situation, the pump is simply turned off or the valve is unable to remove water. If you have noticed your basement windows and doors slowly becoming less secure, this may also be an indicator of foundation problems. In this case, it is best to consult a foundation repair company to ensure that no damage has occurred and to carry out any necessary repairs.

Cracks are another of the early warning signs that will indicate foundation trouble. Cracks in concrete are very difficult to repair and often result in structural damage that cannot be fixed. If you notice small holes in your walls or windows, this too may be a sign that repairing foundations may prove impossible. Small cracks in walls are often caused by drainage problems around the building. In this situation, you should contact a foundation repair contractor to find out whether there are any other problems that may require more attention than what you currently see.

Another common problem is a foundation beam failing which can result in large amounts of water pouring onto the property. In many cases, beams fail as a result of insufficient strengthening, such as improper pore size and improper concrete mix. Some of the most common causes of beam foundations are depressions in the soil around the foundation or poor leveling. If you notice large amounts of water pouring onto your property, you should contact a foundation expert to find out the root cause of the problem. In some cases, foundation problems such as these can actually lead to flooding in some cases, so if you have noticed a large amount of water on or near your foundation, make sure to contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible.

Sinking or settling of the foundation can be one of the most damaging. This occurs when the surface on which the foundations are laid is not leveled properly, thus causing the foundation to sink or settle to one side. Foundation sinking or settling can cause walls to become uneven, damage decorative details and even pose a danger to the building occupants. If you notice sinking, a foundation expert can evaluate the situation and take measures to remedy the problem.

Foundation cracks and breaks are one of the most frequent reasons for foundation settling or sinking. Small cracks and gaps can easily be repaired by hiring a foundation repair contractor. However, larger cracks and gaps must be repaired by a foundation repair specialist. There are many different types of cracks and repairs, including rubber injections that fill in the cracks and gaps.