Carbon Fiber Straps for Homeowners – How To Fix A Foundation Wall

Carbon fiber straps used on reinforced concrete forms the basis of many modern reinforced concrete systems. These straps have become a reliable, popular, and commonly used component of reinforced concrete due to their excellent tensile strength and ability to meet any size, shape, or load. The durability and life of these carbon fiber straps allow them to be used in a wide variety of applications. Here is a quick look at some of the many ways that carbon fiber straps can be used on reinforced concrete foundations.

Most carbon fiber straps used on reinforced concrete are created by the use of pure carbon, although this is certainly not the only method to apply the material. In order for the strap to be a solid and effective component of the base material, you must have an unbreakable bond between carbon fiber, epoxy glue, and cement. When the bond between the carbon fiber straps and the cement breaks, the carbon fiber straps can be pulled apart and removed. The glue and the bond will remain in place after the removal of the carbon fiber straps and remain strong enough to hold the poured concrete onto the sill plate.

There are many different types of applications where carbon fiber straps can be used. One common application is wall crack reinforcement, particularly on interior walls. Because the external surface of most walls is exposed and has relatively little structural support, cracks in the external wall surface will often lead to vertical cracking which goes unnoticed until the interior wall begins to crack. With the use of decorative epoxy finishes, this vertical cracking is noticed earlier and easily repaired with minimal disruption to the exterior of the wall.

Another application is wall panel reinforcement. Wall panels can have many different stresses applied to them such as thermal loads, compressive loads, and even tension. In these cases, the application of carbon fiber straps can eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of stress applied to the wall panel. When applied to an interior panel, the carbon fiber straps act as a continuous horizontal lash which cuts across the panel from edge to edge. This horizontal lash can also be angled to either side and applied to different degrees along the panel to change the stresses at different points along the panel.

Installing a foundation wall involves much more than pouring a solid concrete footing pad. The base pad must be large enough to absorb the whole load when construction is complete. A good rule of thumb for determining the proper foundation wall is ten percent of the wall’s depth. If a pad is too large or if the wall is too deep, the straps will simply not be able to apply their full weight. Even worse, the panels will become cracked and bent due to applying the carbon fiber straps while they are still loaded down. This can then lead to unsightly water leaks all over the house, short circuits, or short fuses in electrical equipment.

To solve these kinds of problems, the company will pour epoxy injection into the cracks. Epoxy is a good wall-recovering product but it cannot deal with very deep cracks because it will not expand any further. By injecting carbon fiber straps directly into the cracks, these products will expand the crack until it is manageable.

The epoxy injected carbon fiber straps can then be placed around the perimeter of the door frame and across the sill. These straps will provide extra strength to support the floor and prevent it from vibrating. Once these are mounted, homeowners can seal the edges of the frames with tape or other forms of caulk. Some may want to use caulk to cover the entire frames. This makes it easier for a home inspector to find small flaws in wall claddings without peering into windows or doors.

For a simple repair job, homeowners should seek the help of a foundation waterproofing company. They should be able to determine if additional repairs are needed or if homeowners can repair the damage themselves. Home inspectors should be able to give the homeowner’s advice on how to restore the house to its original condition. Foundation repair is one of the most affordable fixes for a damaged foundation wall and carbon fiber straps for repairs can make that job easier and faster.